By way of introduction - I have been making levels for the Quake series of games for quite some time. I peaked around Quake 2 in my level design and did not really bother much with editing Quake 3, mainly due to real life commitments... Anyway the levels on this site are my creations placed here for anyone to freely download and have a bit of a bash in. The earliest levels are from waaay back in 1997 - my first (completely crap) level is datestamped October 1996! It's still sitting inside multiple 'old stuff' and 'archive' directories somewhere on one of the hard drives of this computer, I'm sure.

Ahh nostalgia...

Anyway, this page is a place where you can (soon) download the best maps that I have made for the most excellent Quake and Quake 2 games by id software. All of these maps are tried and tested in competition play. They have also had a thorough workout with bots - Reapers for Quake 1 and Erasers for Q2.

You can also grab my Dalek model for Quake 2 at the bottom of the page.

As of Easter 2002, there'll be some Quake 3 levels popping up here from time to time.


Quake 3 level pages

Dropped at Birth
Widowmaker (Q3 version)
High Noon and Happy Trails (2 levels)

Tools used for these maps -
Editor: Worldcraft (1.6a, 2 etc the good versions before Valve fucked them up) for Quake 1 and 2; Radiant for Quake3.
Textures: Adobe Photoshop
And of course: the id utilities QBSP and friends.


This was probably my most successful Quake map. It has spawned Quake 2 and Quake 3 sequels... There is a complete tactics guide here, screenshots here, here and here. This level is medium sized, and would suit around 8 players at a pinch. It is easy to dominate against 15 Reaperbots.



This mega map was designed in two parts - first the excalibur portion, then a cargo ship were made, then I welded them together to make a bloody enormous CTF level. This level is truly massive. If you play it against 15 reapers or online you'll have plenty of time to 'get big' before you meet someone. Of course they will be tooled up too, so have fun. Screenshots here and here.


The Tron Pack (11 Maps)

These levels look shit by today's ultra realistic standards. I'm warning you before you start that download. The idea of some levels based around TRON came along early, and I think Tron1 was my first use of replacement textures. As a pack they stand pretty well - to the extent that I even made a tron player model and custom reaper patch for it. Yeah, I made custom models for Quake ONE (that's either really hardcore or really sad depending on your viewpoint).

Of these levels, Tron3 was a simple sweet spot in level design - ammo above, weapons below - it ain't much simpler than that. The best of the levels is probably TronHub or Tron3, then Tron1, Tron5, Tron7. Tron6 is maze like, Tron 2 is ultra simple, Tron10 is cluttered. Tron9 is a riot to play - in fact it is like watching a screen saver or a fire seeing the stupid bots kill themselves.

Screenshots: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Hub


The Caves

I'm pretty sure that the caves was my last serious Quake level. I can remember this level being an absolute bitch to make, mainly because of all the irregular surfaces in it. A couple of things - There's a ring in there somewhere, shooting odd looking lumps on the walls and ceilings is a good idea.

I think that if I was to make this sort of level again I would make the ceilings higher and domed. As it stands it's a pretty nice level with a nifty feature here and there. Player load is probably 8 again. Screenshots here, here and here.


Terra Fracta HQ and Nite Vision HQ

Ahh THESE levels. TFHQ2 is in the zip. Why 2? well because the first one had teething troubles and suffered from the long walk syndrome - you walk for ages to get any artifacts. So I ripped the guts out of it and added new areas, topped up the weapon and ammo and armour levels etc etc. A good level to be sure. Player load is 16, and even though it looks big it has a really simple theta layout. Screenshots here and here.

NVHQ is an interesting level, it uses coloured themes throughout the level, with cells of similar structure but different colour so you shouldn't get lost. The vast switch near the centre of the level is connected to the yellow area as a timer to let you know when to lob grenades up a windtunnel. This is a good medium sized level presented as a gift to our opposing clan here in Tasmania. Screenshots here and here. Player load 7 to 10 but it can get cramped pretty quickly.


Widowmaker for Quake 2

Widowmaker spawned two versions for Quake 2. The first was a straight conversion, with weapon and texture swaps. The second was for the mod Steampunk and that's what is in the zip. There is a new corridoor running from the only teleporter in the level to where the chaingun spawns. Player load is still the same. Screenshots here, here and here.



This level was created as a hidden final level for one of the Fragmania competitions in 1999. It features what has to be the best disguised secret area in any of my levels. See this page for a spoiler on it. This is a pretty big level, it can take 10-16 players without problems. Screenshots here, here and on the spoiler page.



Chopshop was the first level I made from scratch for Quake 2. It's name comes from having a few choppy blades on a rotating beam which made it a challenge to get from one side of the map to the other. Chopshop 2 has a couple of extra bits that can be remotely triggered when players are nearby. Scrrenshots here and here. Player load is probably 8 to 10.



This level is one that I am very satisfied with. It came together for a Fragmania final once again. This is probably the first level I built to have round architecture in it. Generally round stuff is a pain in the arse to work with, but by keeping to multiples of 8 for the number of facets you usually can't go wrong. The exterior part came out quite well too, lots of chunks of rock and lava. This level would probably make a half decent CTF level... Some screenshots here, here, here and here. Player load is 16.



A surprise packet! This level was built in two halves and then carefully joined together. It absolutely rocks with around 6-10 players especially with the nifty features of random quad and railgun locations (using the _team tag). The only thing that bothered me is the catapault for the +100 health not working as it should. But it still sort of works so I have left it as a neat quirk. After this level was aired at Fragmania late 1999, it was played quite a bit for the rest of the night. I regard that as a great litmus test of a level. Some screenshots can be found here, here and here.


Macrolink (texture pak8 included)

This is Steampunk DM8. It was a nice level to make, I went for a smaller size but with nicer architecture and some more innovative bits and pieces. For example in the sewer annex room there are two big fat health kits but the floor is slick, so you have to skate to them. The sewer has two drowning pits at the end and slick walls, so one mistake and you're dead. The quad is slightly tricky to get because of the small steel ledge above it. All in all a good medium sized level. Player load I would suggest 8. There are some screenshots here, here and here. When you download this level, the texture pack (pak8.pak) is included.


The Mosh Pit

This is a simple idea, and a brutal level. A torus shaped corridoor around the upper part of the level had four openings into the bottom part, which is a vast pit with an open ledge around it. Quad is a simple jump onto a pipe, you can flood the bottom of the pit with lava by shooting a switch. Just grab a gun and some ammo and go sick. It's a fun level to play. Player load depends on whether you are just mucking around or want a serious game. You could play with 3-16 people. Some screenshots are here, here and here.


The Dalek

A dreaded foe from Quake 1 - the dalek has been resurrected for Quake 2. This version has 13 skins (including 2 CTF) and full custom sounds. The skins are heavily optimised to a small 256 by 128 size - so with a low polycount and low skin size you can have loads of these little pricks running around your DM levels.

There is a version of this model on Polycount, and it is let down by a shit skinset, so that has been fixed, and as the screenshots below show, this little guy is now a tidy looking unit.

Dowload and EXTERMINATE!

Screenshots 1 2 3 4 5