Quake 3 Maps by me.

Maps for Quake 3 Arena by id software.

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Tools used for this map -

Editor: QERadiant 202
Textures: Adobe Photoshop
And of course: the id utilities QBSP and friends.


Dropped at Birth

Despite the rather unusual title, this level is not some kind of headcase. Rather it is a small, fun map with good gameplay and fast pace. The default settings are for a 30-frag match against Razor, Uriel and Klesk. On hardcore they should give you a run for your money. I'm not masochistic enough to play it on Nightmare.
The original idea was for a long launchpad with a killplate at one end that bots would smash themselves against while trying to get to a tasty looking item. I was most surprised when the bots did not play ball at all, rather they avoided the launchpad most of the time and only occasionally would they launch themselves to splat city.



In the screenshots above I was using the Phil model (Ranger with different sounds) with my Stuffy skin.

Playing Guide (where stuff is).

Not all weapons are included in this level. Omitted are : Chaingun, Nailgun and Prox Launcher (Team Arena), the Lighning gun and the BFG10K.
The Railgun platform is tricky to land on, because it's quite narrow, and you may slip into the mincer behind it. Careful air control will land you safely.
The only artefact in this level is the Regeneration, it spawns in one corner under the red armour (visible in screenshot 1 on the left side of the picture).
All meshes in the main area can be shot through, making splash damage more difficult to achieve. TIP - aim for trim or walls.
The mesh in the small stairwell area (screenshot 3) is solid.
The grenade launcher is an effective weapon in this level. Using the blind bounce technique to trickle grenades down stairwells from the side, or reverse bounce while running up a staircase will reward your persuer with a grenade in the face.
For some reason Klesk does not do real well on this level, but Razor pulls off some bullshit with the shotgun and rocket launcher. Uriel is on par with Razor, but it tends to mince itself more. Klesk is usually everyone's bitch.
Yeah I know that foggy column in the floor effect has been done before, but I like it.