Quake 3 Maps by me.

Maps for Quake 3 Arena by id software.

Below are some screenshots. Click on the small picture to look at a full-sized image.
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Tools used for this map -

Editor: QERadiant 202
Textures: Adobe Photoshop
And of course: the id utilities QBSP and friends.



Widowmaker for Quake 3 id the FIFTH iteration of this map layout. The original map was made for our clan for Quake waaay back in 1997. It was a pretty spartan affair, but did have a cool aztec texture scheme, something of a novelty for Quake 1. The second copy was a straight conversion and weapon swap for Quake 2, and the third was for Half Life. The fourth was also for Quake 2, but this time for a mod called Steampunk. Some sections were chopped out, some better access added here and there...

And so we get to the fifth version, this time for Quake 3. Both TA and vanilla Q3 entities are included. Its' a pretty cool map - it would not have made five revisions without having something going for it.



In the screenshots above I was using the Phil model (Ranger with different sounds) with my Stuffy skin.