Wild West II - Happy Trails

A map for Quake 3 Arena by id software.

Below are some screenshots. Click on the small picture to look at a full-sized image.
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Tools used for this map -
Editor: QERadiant 202
Textures: Adobe Photoshop
And of course: the id utilities QBSP and friends.


About this map.

I created a level for Quake called 'Wild West'. It was a simple affair, with flat land, two rows of buildings and a skybox border. But it was fun to play, and of course that's the point of the whole exercise, isn't it?
When Quake 2 came along, this level was ported over, retextured and given some cliff-edge surrounding terrain. It also was renamed to High Noon.
With the railgun, this level became a whole different ball game, as snipers would sit on roof areas and pick off those foolish enough to nip across the street. The Quake 3 incarnation (NB not this level being pimped here) had the same sort of effect, a friend suggesting that I rename it to Railgun Alley.

And so now we have the sequel. Something I always wanted to do, and now I've shifted my lazy arse to make it. A total of 109 new textures, including a funky skybox, lots of shaders and some interesting stained glass. As I type this, I only have three more buildings to assemble, and so if all goes to plan, it should be ready for release around Easter 2002.

The screenshots below were taken at different stages in development. That's why some buildings are different looking or absent in some images.


The Western Quake 3 connection.

Included in this level pak are two levels - High Noon (filename is wildwest) and Happy Trails (ww2, this level). Western Quake 3 have been making a mod featuring gunfighting in the ol' West. However one of their newest levels is also called High Noon. Well I'm sorry fellas, but I was here first. High Noon dates from 1999, has history (above) and distribution already. I e-mailed all of the development team and asked if they would like me to rename my level, but I recieved no replies after a week. So it stays, which is pretty convenient for me.












Playing Guide (where stuff is).

There are numerous shotguns scattered throughout the level.
There are grenade launchers on the upper balcony of the Saloon, and roof of the Bank.
The Bank vault is full of gold (+50 health spheres). Bots love it, and so you can get an insane number of kills by lobbing grenades into the Bank.
There are Rocket Launchers in the cornfield, the Barn and on the roof of the Courthouse.
There is a Lightning Gun in the Blacksmith's forge, another in one of the Gaol cells.
The Railgun is on the water tower near the Blacksmith's forge.
The BFG is behind the pulpit in the church. It is teamed with two megahealths, so you can't always be guaranteed getting one.
There are a few Plasma guns scattered around the level - the hermit hill house, Saloon and Store.
Quad spawns near the gallows.
The Regeneration in the Church is teamed with a red armour.
The Haste on the roof of the Bank is teamed with a Battle Suit.


Notes. R-Speeds, censorship etc.

If you intend to run this map on a low-spec system, good luck. As the screenshots above show, it is quite an open level, with many open windows for shooting in and out of. This makes for bad r_speeds. I don't apologise for this! The map has several places where the r_speeds top 20,000 - consider that 12,000 is supposed to be the absolute worst case. So you have been warned. After a full vis this map improved, there were times before vis that I managed to get 29000 r_speeds (ouch).
Censorship? Yeah well this might crop up. Quake 3 is supposed to be rated MA. You see people being blown to bits, guts flying etc etc and yet some people get offended when they see a word like 'fuck' or 'shit' in a level. Well fuck 'em. On one of the headstones in this level, and scrawled on one of the walls in the gaol in High Noon are certain references to Jakka, pigs and weirdness. You can work it out. Get over it.