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Quake and Conquer is a real-time strategy game set inside the Quake 2 environment. Because Quake 2 was fully 3D, so is Quake and Conquer. Any map - deathmatch or single player - will work with Quake and Conquer. You don't need any special maps - but we've included a few that we like.

You start with a single flyer, who is your workhorse / resource collector.

Flyers can build a few structures - a Central thing, an Infantry Press, Resource Points. TIP: Read the unit descriptions in the game description section.

Accumulate stuff by mining the crystals scattered throughout each level.

Use stuff to build units.

Find your opponent and exterminate them with your new toys.

Simple, eh?


The Quake and Conquer team thing. (this section composed by Ben)


Ben Carson (Dr Teeth)
Coding goodness, models

Ryan Dobson (Stuffy)
Skins, new models, 2D art, maps, unofficial www page (this one you're looking at now in fact). You can see some of my concept sketches on the left hand side of this page.

Jamie (Mac version)

Beta Testing:
Matt Fleming - Cosmo
Toby Martin - Dastari
Andrew Towers - Mario
Clive Kelleher - Spooon
Qenton Lade - Reaper
Mark Cunningham - Jakka
Mal Beamish - Ike (also tankbuild.wav sound)
Richard Stevens - Midian


The Fallout 2 Production Team:
For making such a cool, addictive game. I don't know how many hours that game ate up of my life, but it should definitely be placed on the restricted substances list.

Mark Cunningham for providing many obstructions to the project. :) (you know what you doing Mr hack desktop with p0rn and act all innocent like)

Well, looks like we finally got here. Eventually. Well, at least to Beta stage. Erm, thanks to all of you out there who haven't tried to kill us during the development process. Well, thanks to those who tried too.


Other Credits

Boags, for keeping us afloat during the dev sessions - now we KNOW why they call them 'sessions'...
46 cases of beer (1104 beers) drunk during the development of Quake and Conquer.
107 packs of Doritos
millions of cups of coffee (we think)

for great justice