Monday, 17th of December 2001
Nice and fresh 1.1

1.1 is available for download from the download page. You can either grab the whole install, or a zip with the bits we changed if you already have version 1.0. Shoot on over to the download page for the whole spiel. Oh, and astute readers will have spotted a Mac version programmer in the credits page. A Mac version is in the pipe, I'm assured.

Monday, 10th of September 2001
News about 1.1

Spent the weekend implementing a whole host of changes which will have the net effect of making QandC more stable and more fun to play.

  • Added in portable turrets (see picture to the right) - these still need some playtesting to get them properly balanced.
  • The Lunatic has a nice set of funky new coloured skins
  • The grunts have some new skins, based on colours also.
  • The Aerodrome model is done, but it is not properly skinned yet. But it is animated though.
  • QandCDM9 is done.
  • QandCDM8 is ready to be rendered.
  • Memory usage has been fixed up.
  • Group selection has been fixed, multiple group selection now works like it was originally intended to.


Thursday, 30th of August 2001
Level Screenshot Update

Just a quick screenshot update of QandCDM9 - Smash and Grab.

Thursday, 23rd of August 2001
Lunatics, skimmers, turrets oh my!

While QandC was being made, we had plans for a whole series of naval units to sail the seas of Stroggos. These did not eventually make the cut, because there's not really all that much water in DM levels worth worrying about. Certainly air power was more useful, so we concentrated on the Carrier and Yellowjackets. Anyway one of the things that these proposed units had were bolt-on turrets, and that worked - I seem to remember some of my Icarii being blown to atoms by two turrets on the back of Dr Teeth's cruiser. He had the turrets working so they would target independently too :) Neat stuff, and this progressed to the turrets that we all know and love today.

So all this code was lying around, and I got a phone call from Dr Teeth, and we started to brainstorm some stuff for the next release of QandC - version 1.1. His suggestion was a ground based artillery platform that has a crew of a couple of soldiers (any flavour) that could skim about like a hovertank thingy. It'd use this bolt-on turret code too, which would be nice instead of seeing it wasted. So that may make the next release? Hmm maybe...a skimmer...

One thing that is going into the next release is the Lunatic, a unit from the Slipgate. You may have noticed that occasionally your troops will mutter about someone set up us the bomb - well they are talking about the Lunatic, who carries a BFG detpack into enemy bases and then blows himself (and hopefully some expensive real estate) to smithereens. Yeah they should work a treat.

Our next development session is set for Friday the 7th of September, and I think that it would be reasonable to expect an update not long after that, probably the Sunday or Monday.

And finally in this update - Dr Teeth has removed a major source of the packet overflows from the game, and we have nearly nailed the invisible units bug. QandC v 1.1 will unfortunately have no more translucent stuff crystals.

Wednesday, 22nd of August 2001
Update in near future

We've been busy fielding questions about QandC - very busy. A couple of common questions have been moved off to the FAQ section, so head on over there if you can't get QandC to run or it installs but won't initialise inside Q2.

Updates - both Dr Teeth and myself have been working on more content for QandC. So far it looks like these things are on the 'to do' list:

New Units - Super Flyer - works like a flyer, but has guns and more health.
Troop Transporter - an air unit that can pick up and carry any ground based unit except a tank. It can dump the unit where you like. Huge tactical possibilites by plonking Gladiators and Chicks up on mountain ridges or beams to pick off enemy troops coming from below.
New Maps -

QandCDM8 - Airburst
This is the 5-way terrain based map that I have alluded to in earlier news items. Currently it is almost done, but it is taking a LONG time to VIS, and this is holding things up somewhat. Some screenshots are below.

QandCDM9 - Smash and Grab
This will be our Tron3 test level cleaned up and made just a little bigger (about 20%).

New Building - Aerodrome - this will produce all airborne units. Your Central thing will still be able to make flyers and Technicians, but the Flesh Compactor will be unable to make Carriers.
Code Fixes - Camera movement behaviour, Group selection, Unit eject after being built, Flag eject and other tweaks and improvements in pathfinding AI and harvest AI.
UI improvements - Various ways of telling what you have selected, particularly in group mode. Possibility of tiny icons strung along the bottom of the screen to show what you have selected.
CTF and Teamplay - These probably work already :)

We really appreciate all the emails that we've been getting. Keep 'em coming.




Thursday, 9th of August 2001
Web news reports, servers, plans

Wow. Submitted a short e-mail to Blue's News, Planetquake and Redwoods - and now people are actually downloading the mod, which is really great to see. To the webmasters of those sites - thankyou for reporting our release. To the people commenting on our release and e-mailing questions, thanks for your interest so far.

With the massive increase in downloads from this site, my ISP called this afternoon and wanted to know what on earth was going on (hey we maxed out the bandwidth!!). The upshot of the conversation is that the executable download from this site has been shifted onto an FTP server with a maximum limit of ten connections. If that turns out to be too few then they'll tune it for me. If you're planning on downloading Quake and Conquer and you're from outside Australia, could you use the link to Fileplanet rather than the local one.

After a week or so we're going to decide what stuff to include in any future releases. Dr Teeth thinks that there may be some ways to streamline the game and reduce the packet overflows that can happen in pitched battles. I'm working on a 5-player map, and would not mind to see a troop transport creature. We both want to release Tron3 (need to think of a new name there) which is a brutal little map for 2,3 or 4 players. That may need a small overhaul to clean it up a bit first.

I'll also have to split off this news page to keep the credits visible!

Tuesday, 7th of August 2001
Fileplanet mirror update

The kind folks at Fileplanet have added QandC to their enormous list of popular mods for Quake-series games. You can either go to the downloads page and get it from Tasmania or Fileplanet now.

I have also begun a terrain-based 5-player level, I'll keep updating as it matures.

Saturday, 4th of August 2001
Screenshots update

I have uploaded a couple of new screenshots, these replace a few redundant old ones. Here are some quick links. Click on the small picture to open the full sized picture in a new window.

Description of what's on screen

QandCDM2 antics
Friday, 3rd of August 2001
Release day!

It's ARRIVED! On the files page you'll find the downloadable version of QandC. It weighs in at around 25MB, but that includes a whole bunch of neat stuff. Time to reinstall Quake 2, as this mod is so damn good.

If you have just stumbled across this page, then read below to find out more information. The Description and How to Play sections are good reading too.

June 2001

Quake and Conquer has been in development for ages. It started after the release of Q2v3.20 source (that was 1999, folks). Now we're tantalisingly close to a release. Time to let the cat out of the bag then...



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