Screenshots from Quake and Conquer

These screenshots have accumulated over more than a year of development time. Dr Teeth, Cosmo and myself experimented with many strategies that work in standard RTS games. "Tank rush" now has a whole new meaning. Clicking on each picture will load a larger version of it. The bulk of the screenshots are 1024 by 768 pixels. Each picture will be opened in a new window.

Early game in Tron3

Description of what's on screen

Mosh in a terrain level

More moshing

Custom chat lines

Battlefield Recycler doing its thang

Meet Bob the Gladiator


Use Gladiators as rail turrets

Very nice shot. Play 'ride of the valkyries' tune...


Red Infantry Press

Our first finished game! I won!

Dirty green guys sneak attacking


Need a light, anyone?

A pile of flame soldiers

Flame soldiers can be nasty

Everything burns. Even tanks.

Some attack thing happening.

Red infantry press #2

QandCdm4 being built s-shot

QandCDM2 antics

Populated with things

Transparent floors. Oooo.

Ah, the reskinned Berserker.

Some of Cosmo's guys having a rest

Mutant vs Gladiator

An early game in QandCDM1

New build areas in QandCDM3

A couple of chicks and a flyer.

Testing in Q2DM1

Yellow attacks purple in QandCDM5

QandCDM5 early stage building