Q. How do I get the game to start?

A. You can get the mod working in 2 ways:
First start quake 2 as normal, pull down the console (~) and type "set game qandc" without the quotes. Then start a map like QandCDM5 by typing "map qandcdm5" once again, without the quotes.
The game should restart and the mod should load.

The other way involves using the Run menu - hit windows-r (or select run from the start menu) and type the following:

e:\quake2\quake2.exe +set game qandc +map qandcdm7

You'll need to replace e:\quake2\ with the path for your Quake 2 (eg c:\quake2) and if there are any spaces in the pathname you will need to place the command (up to the .exe) in ""quotes.

Remember that it is only a multiplayer mod, so connect to a server, start a server or play on a LAN.

Q. How do I blow up a unit?

A. Select it, and issue the destruct command. Destruct is bound to backspace by default. It's useful if a unit gets stuck on some bit of architecture or if you want to get rid of an obselete unit.

Q. How come my brain units keep dissappearing?

A. They are supposed to. Look real hard and they will still be there, just 2/3 transparent. Brains are stealthy units, what you do is stick them in a choke point on a map and let them camp there and smash enemies on their way past.

Q. I was playing and then heard someone yell "You are all really fucked now" - what's with that?

A. Oh that's your opponent building a tank. You should probably start working on that defence stuff now.

Q. How do I choose my colour?

A. Before you join a game, set your skin to male/colour - the colours you can choose are red, lblue, green, grey, brown, yellow, purple and dblue. Make sure you get the spelling right for grey, and if you do play grey, have a look at the mutant.

Q. Can I add my own skins / colours to the game?

A. Yeah if you want to. You'd have to replace an existing colour though, because there is no facility to sort teams by skin name and so the teams are hard coded into the game.

Q. How come some of my units dissappear all of a sudden?

A. Not really sure about that. We reckon it is to do with the number of entities ingame. We've found that just getting closer to the unit in question helps. We're trying to squash this bug because it's bloody annoying.

Q. So who is the warhammer 40K nut?

A. That would be Ben and me (Ryan). The green, blue, red and brown teams are all based on 40K logos sort of.

Q. Do you have any plans to convert this to (insert engine name here)?

A. No, not really. To really do Q and C justice, the best platform would probably be one specifically written for it. There are no other games that play like this one. That is not an idle boast, and not something that can be said by most game developers out there! Of the existing platforms, Dark Reign 2 comes close - and we even looked into re-hashing the game for that, but ended up sticking to what we knew and had tools for.