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The Central Thing (250)

The Central thing is your first building. It is the controller for all of your stuff-gathering activities. It is the centre of all your nefarious activities and dastardly deeds.

From this building you can produce three units:

  • Flyers, your resource-gathering pals
  • Technicians, your brainy buddies who can build all buildings and fix most of them if they break.
  • Icarus (pl. Icarii), your earliest aerial attacking and scout unit.

If you lose your Central thing (how careless!) your flyers and technicians can build you another one. If it is your last building, then it's all over red rover.

If you do not have a central thing you cannot harvest any stuff. Nor can you build turrets.

Resource Points (50)

Resource points are used to make shorter trips for your flyers. Simply tell a flyer or technician to build one near a clump of stuff crystals and shortly this bucket like structure will appear. Flyers will look for the closest point to dump their stuff crytals because they are lazy bastards.

The Infantry Press (200)

The infantry press builds your poor downtrodden footsoldiers. You need this building to build turrets and the Bio Assimilator. It can produce five types of soldiers:

  • Light Soldiers
  • Machinegun Soldiers
  • Flame Soldiers
  • Shotgun Soldiers
  • Infantry

All of them are quite weak, but you can crank them out quickly if you need to stop an assault on your base.

The Shrieker (50)

You can use shriekers as an early warning system around your base. By building a few of them in convenient spots, you can work out where your enemies' units are coming from.

Turret-o-rama (varies)

There are six flavours of turret, each with its' own strengths and weaknesses. You are only allowed five turrets, so be careful not to waste your resources on one type when another would be better.

  • Rocket turret (800)
  • Chaingun turret (600)
  • Flame turret (800)
  • Tesla coil (700)
  • Laser turret (700)
  • Grenade turret (600)


The Bio Assimilator (200)

The Bio Assimilator builds your rank and file troops (so does the Flesh Compactor). It produces five units:

  • Gunners
  • Berserkers
  • Chicks (aka Iron Maidens)
  • Medics
  • Battlefield Recyclers

Read the unit descriptions to find out more about these units.

The Flesh Compactor (250)

The Flesh Compactor builds slighly more advanced units than the Bio Assimilator. It produces five units too:

  • Gladiators
  • Carriers
  • Brains
  • Parasites
  • Mutants

Once again, read the unit descriptions to find out more about these units.

The Slipgate (250)

Hey - where the heck did this come from?

If you build yourself a Slipgate then you can hire a squad of mercenaries to kick butt for you.

A squad consists of a leader, three grunts and a heavy weapons dude.

The heavy weapons dude will have a random heavy weapon (railgun, grenade launcher, rocket launcher or chaingun). No - they don't come with BFGs.

The Tank Gantry (400)

This skeletal looking structure builds tanks.

Tanks are your most powerful weapon. It follows that this is a pretty important building to hold on to. Tanks take a while to be constructed, and you can only queue one of them at a time, unlike other buildings.